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Aarhus as Host City

Aarhus is a city which retains the relative intimacy of a town, and is the best possible choice in Denmark to host a World Championship.
The city venues we have chosen are within easy walking distance of each other, while
Aarhus as a whole is small enough for FreeWC09 to make a notable mark in the life of the city.

Participants and visitors alike will encounter a city which has taken the presence of the Championships to its heart.
The city of Aarhus is beautifully located beside the Bay of Aarhus. The city has 300,000 inhabitants and is well-known for its flourishing cultural life and as a leading international education and conference centre.

Aarhus is the chief city of the Jutland peninsula, and also where one can find one of the best freediving clubs in the world, Aarhus Freediving Club (AFK) (AFK is both AIDA and CMAS).

Take a tour on Visit Aarhus homepage.