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Getting to Denmark is easy

In Northern Europe and consists of a number of islands and the Jutland
peninsula. This means that one can go by car or train from any of the Central and North European countries.
Aarhus is close to the E45 motorway. There are flights from several destinations throughout the world to four different airports in Denmark.
If you arrive to Copenhagen Airport – the largest in Scandinavia – you can either choose to
transit to Billund Airport, Aarhus Airport, or Aalborg Airport, or you can travel by train or rent a car.
From both Billund and Aarhus Airport there are bus transfers to and from Aarhus city.

Aarhus Airport
Situated less than a 40-minute drive north east of Aarhus, Aarhus Airport has 8 to 12 daily flights to and from Copenhagen Airport – Northern Europe’s key air traffic junction. The air service is primarily operated by SAS and takes 35 minutes. In addition to this, BA / SUN AIR have flights to and from Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenburg, and Ryan Air operates an air service to and from London and Barcelona.

Billlund Airport
Current direct destinations are Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bergen, Birmingham,
Burgas, Brussels, Dublin, The Faroe Islands, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London,
Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Manchester, Milano, Munich, Nice, Oslo, Paris, Pisa, Prag, Reykjavik and Stockholm.
16 airlines are operating at Billund Airport: Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Finnair, SAS, Cimber Air, Cirrus Airlines, Gir-jet, Atlantic Airways, Brussels Airlines, Fly Bulgaria, Iceland Express, Ryan air, Danish Air Transport.
From both Billund and Aarhus Airport there are bus transfers to the city of Aarhus.

Getting to the Swim Stadium from Aarhus Airport and Billlund Airport
You can take the airport shuttle bus to the central station in Aarhus. The trip is 90 DKR from Aarhus airport and takes about 45 minutes.
From the Central Station there are several busses that you can take (4, 5, 18, 58, 202, 25), to the Swim Stadium, but none of them will take you directly there . So if you have a lot of luggage you could take a taxi from the Central Station to the Swim Stadium. It would only be a short ride (like on km) and not too expensive. If you choose to go by bus, just tell the driver to let you off at the stop closest to the Swim Stadium.
Of course you can go to your hotel direct.

Copenhagen Airport
With 65 airlines operating from Copenhagen Airport, and with more than 20 mil
passengers every year, Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia’s biggest.

Aalborg Airport
Situated less than a 75-minute drive north of Aarhus, Aalborg Airport has 18 daily flights to and from Copenhagen Airport. The air service is primarily operated by SAS, Sterling og Cimber Air and takes 45 minutes. Sun-Air and Air Norway have flights to and from Oslo.
Transport to and from Aarhus Airport & Billund Airport.

Train Services
Denmark has an efficient train network with a direct service to the centre of Aarhus from Copenhagen Airport. Travel time is 3.0 – 3.5 hours between Aarhus and Copenhagen Airport. There are 1-2 train departures every hour.

As in all parts of Denmark, Aarhus has an efficient road network which allows for easy driving access directly to the city – Hamburg is only a 3-hour drive a way, and so is