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Judge Course

The course will take place in the first two of the training days to allow athletes to take the course and still be able to focus on their performance during the competition. When you have completed the course you will be an AIDA E-judge and is allowed to judge at AIDA competitions.
Schedule for the course:
Updated 27/6

Day 1 (August 16):
09-12 Rules and theory
12-13 Lunch break
13-16 Rules and theory
16-18 Pool exercises

Day 2 (August 17)
09-12 Rules and theory
12-13 Lunch break
13-16 Line stretching and measuring
16-18 OW exercise in pool

This is a preliminary schedule, that may be subject to changes.
It should however be possible to take the judge course and still get an hour of training in the pool every day.

The course instructor is Grant W. Graves, USA, who is an AIDA A Instructor Judge. Grant is one of the most experienced judges in the world and has been in several World Championship Juries and judged many world records.

The price for the course is € 240
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Grant W. Graves