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The six World Champions are each awarded with a handmade bronze sculpture
The sculptures
are created by the artist and freediver Allan Hagner.
The 18 winners of third, second and first places will all receive an AIDA World Championship bronze, silver or gold medal.

Thanks to all our sponsores

  Sea Safaris is sponsoring:
A liveaboard dive trip to the winner of each catagory.
A weeks dive trip to a ORCA DIVE CLUB for one person.
Sea Safaris  

A total of 6 cruises is offered to the winner of each catagory. The cruise is to be held as a Sea Safaris liveaboard on one of their 60 available liveabords on a given route in Egypt.

The prizes are "all inclusive" cruises, but ex. flights.
Sea Safaris standard rules apply.

Sea Safaris  

One person among the many competitors will get the chance to enjoy a week stay in one of Sea Safaris'
many available dive hotels in Egypt. The stay include a full dive package. The coral reef is at your door step.
The winner will be chosen among all participants and be selected as the one person who show "the best sportmanship" - and is chosen by an anonymous panel among the staff.

The prize is hotel & dive package and ex. flight.
Sea Safaris standard rules apply.


Prize money

First place in all diciplines for women and men:
400 Euro

Second place in all diciplines for women and men:
200 Euro

Third place in all diciplines for women and men:
100 Euro




BlueConsult is a new company fit for your lifestyle.
We run courses, arrange lectures, make movies and try to have a lot of fun. Director of the company is 4 x World Champion Freediver, Stig Åvall Severinsen from Denmark.
During the World Championship, BlueConsult is responsible for educating the safety-divers to the highest standards. Filming the athletes under water during the finals will also be done by videographers from BlueConsult.

BlueConsult is covering the cost of the medic/safety fascillities on FreeWC09.

D4 Dive Computer

The AIDA International sponsor SUUNTO donate one D4 Suunto Dive Computer to each 18 medallists at this AIDA World Championship

Suunto D4 is a full-decompression wristop dive computer designed to put information, ease of use, and style first. With its innovative freedive functions and dedicated freedive mode, Suunto D4 is also perfect if you're serious about breath-hold diving. Programmed to sample depth three times a second, Suunto D4 records highly accurate data on the true depth reached. Surface time and depth alarms help you make responsible decisions both in and out of the water.

Elios Sub

Elios Sub donate one Tailor made suit
to each world Champion